About Us


We are a non-profit ministry of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland.

Any funds remaining after direct costs are paid are used to facilitate church planting in Scotland.

This means that your tour, in addition to being custom-created uniquely for you, and delivered by tour guides who are Scottish Christians, is not a money-making venture.  Anything you invest in your tour is a true investment in your own walk of faith, as well as in the Kingdom of God.

Your tour will be:

  • Christ centred.  Our tours are not merely sight-seeing arrangements, or tourist groups.  The goal is to encourage you in your Christian faith, and to point out how and where the people and places you learn about honoured Jesus Christ in everything they did – and how you can do the same, today.
  • Christian led.  Our tour guides are Bible-believing Christians who care deeply about helping to build up your faith.
  • Custom made.  Every tour is custom-created for those who organise it, and we will always fit in what you’d like to see, as far as is possible to do (taking into account physical and budgetary requirements).