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posted: April 21, 2017

New Review On Tripadvisor

We recently had the pleasure of taking a small group from a Christian School in the USA on a tour, not only of the Reformation and Covenanter sites in Scotland but of different locations in the whole of the UK. Here’s the review one of the chaperones had to say about their tour. “This tour […]

posted: December 13, 2016

The Unknown Covenanter

This is the grave of an unknown Covenanter who was wounded at the battle of Rullion Green. The stone on the left is the later one, the one on the right is the original one. Making his way home to Ayrshire after the Battle, the nameless Martyr was suffering badly from his wounds when he […]

posted: August 5, 2016

Review from TripAdvisor

“I have experienced many tours, but none could compare with Reformation Tours. The knowledge and expertise of Jimmy was only surpassed by the hospitality and humility of this very sweet couple. The passion they have for God and the history of the Covenanters came through at every turn. We personally witnessed where Jimmy and Helen […]

posted: March 25, 2016

Tall Oaks Classical School Tour

Last week we had the pleasure once more of taking 15 students and 2 parent chaperones from Tall Oaks Classical School in Delaware on a reformation tour. It was a fantastic week and went past too quickly. Here is some parting words from one of the students. “Jimmy and Helen have been our kind hearted […]

posted: February 9, 2016

Review from TripAdvisor

More than a vacation. Our 12 day tour in 2014 with tour leaders Jimmy and Helen Fisher was fast paced and loaded with information about the Covenanters and Scottish Reformation. Each tour is uniquely planned according to what you want to see and do. Very reasonably priced, one of the best tours we have ever […]

posted: December 29, 2015

Review from TripAdvisor

A recent review from our new TripAdvisor page. “My husband and I chaperoned a high school group hosted by Reformation Tours. We visited historic sites and had our imaginations filled with our guide’s stories of what had happened in each place. History came alive! All the details of our trip were flawlessly worked out by […]

Medved Reformation Tour Scotland 2013
posted: June 11, 2015
Anderson Reformation Tour scotland 2013
posted: June 11, 2015

The beauty is greater even than the land of Scotland itself

Scottish Reformation ToursĀ arranged a pleasant introduction to Scotland for us through a series of emails, helpfully sorting itinerary details, including warm and comfortable bed and breakfast accommodations in Edinburgh. During the tour, Helen Fisher did a fine job piloting us, and her husband, Jimmy, edifying us with a running narrative of Covenanter history. We enjoyed […]

Airdrie Reformation Tour Scotland 2013
posted: June 11, 2015

The tour was very moving

“It is very moving to hear of so many people risking their lives, and many losing their lives, just to be a Christian and worship God. This is something we take for granted as we are able to attend church and various church-related activities throughout the week without worrying someone will come in and take […]

Van Oort reformation tour 2013 scotland
posted: June 11, 2015

The tour was the highlight of our visit to Scotland

Please accept our thanks once more for the great Reformation Tours you provided, both in St Andrews as well as in Edinburgh. It was definitely the highlight of our two week visit to Scotland, and I can highly recommend it to anyone visiting your beautiful country and who has any interest in the Reformation history […]