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Is a custom tour very expensive?

We provide a variety of tour options so that you can choose a tour to suit your budget. Here are a few options to consider: Day tours Open tours Build your own tour Group and school tours If you are at all in doubt, please donít hesitate to contact us. We love to be of […]

custom scottish reformation tour
posted: August 22, 2015

How much does a tour cost?

We’re absolutely happy to price a tour for you, but it’s difficult to simply give you a ‘standard price’ because all of our tours are fully customisable.† That’s the beauty of using Scottish Reformation Tours – no two tours are alike. There are a few things we need to know first so that we give […]

Airdrie Reformed Presbyterian Church
posted: June 9, 2015

Where do we worship on the Lordís Day?

Your tour includes the opportunity to worship with the Airdrie Reformed Presbyterian Church (which is the home church of the tour guides, and the church responsible for the ministry of Scottish Reformation Tours). You will worship in Airdrie in the morning, where the congregation will be delighted to get to know you. After lunch with […]

Airdrie RP church Sabbath day
posted: June 9, 2015

What about the Sabbath day?

Observing a day of rest is a core part of our organisation. We believe that the Sabbath day (observed on the first day of the week, Sunday) has been given to us as a gift from God. The Sabbath (also called the Lordís Day) also enables us to live more productive and Godly lives when […]