Tall Oaks Classical School Tour

Tall Oaks Classical School Tour

Last week we had the pleasure once more of taking 15 students and 2 parent chaperones from Tall Oaks Classical School in Delaware on a reformation tour. It was a fantastic week and went past too quickly.

Here is some parting words from one of the students.

“Jimmy and Helen have been our kind hearted guides throughout this week. I think I speak for all of us here when I say we loved being with them! They were so kind, warm and welcoming. They would go out of their way to serve us and were so willing to explain and explain again what they were saying when we missed it the first time. Jimmy is the one who shared the information with us and told us about the monuments that they took us to. He is so passionate about history and our Lord and it really shows! Helen coordinated all of our stops and got everything together and because of her, everything ran smoothly. She would always go and grab tickets or tokens and make sure that we were all where we should be.
Jimmy made the history come alive for me and made me become more excited to learn more on my own about the history of Christianity. Helen has been so caring and lovely to be around. Whether we were talking about dogs or the thesis presentations that we are working on, she is genuine through and through.
I have absolutely loved getting to know Jimmy and Helen! …I have always hated saying goodbyes, and these were no easier…

With much love and thanks,
Ps. If anyone you know is planning on going to Scotland I would highly recommend going on the Reformation Tours with Jimmy and Helen!”

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