Your tour


Your tour will be unique in content, application, and approach.

Delivered by knowledgeable tour guides

Our experienced and knowledgeable tour guides and organisers live and minister in Scotland. They know the country, the people and the places of historical importance.

Off the beaten path

Your tour will not only take you to the well known and famous locations: it will also take you to places of real historical significance.

Few tours will give you the opportunity to:

  • Climb Skeoch Hill, scene of the three day communion season which thousands of Covenanters attended
  • Visit the grave of the last known Covenanter martyr 16 year-old George Wood, in the picturesque village of Sorn
  • Walk out to Magus Moor where the ‘despised’ Archbishop Sharp was assassinated.

These sites, which are well off the beaten tourist path, hold the key to a comprehensive understanding of what Christ was allowing His church to go through 350 years ago.

Our approach

When you participate in a Scottish Reformation Tour, we want you to really enjoy yourself, as well as getting the most out of your experience.

This is why we make a real effort to customise all tours we organise to the budget, agenda and goal requirements of our groups.

The application to your life

Our tours are good holidays, but they are also far more than that.They are opportunities to learn about the history of Christ’s Church.  We are keen to share with you the lessons we have learnt from this period in Scotland’s glorious history as we take you on the tour.

These lessons we too are applying to our lives, and within the church in Scotland which we are part of, today.