“The Reformation became personal in my life”

hampton Reformation Tour scotland 2012

“The Reformation became personal in my life”

“Eleven years ago in St. Andrews, I had one of those rare “aha” moments in life. The Reformation grew into something more than history in my life; it became personal.

As Pastor Quigley explained the domination of St. Andrews Cathedral in the 1500’s, both in size over the city and power over the people, I could see it and imagine it right where I stood. The church had its rules and regulations, but it missed that overwhelming glory and grace of personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Reformers brought that message and hope at great cost back to the people, and I am daily one of its recipients.  I connected with the Reformers. Their message through trial and tribulation as Christ’s servants stays with me every day.

It was a message and a place I wanted my friends to experience. So, in the summer of 2012, I was able to bring seven members of Calvary Reformed Presbyterian Church in Hampton, Virginia, on a Scottish Reformation Tour.

Though the rain poured upon us for most of the tour, so did the message of God’s preservation of His people.

We got a peek into old houses and churches, huge castles and cathedrals, and, most of all, the lives of our covenanting brothers and sisters in Christ.  If you go with your eyes open, you see the pain and suffering . . . and the purpose behind it all—Christ’s Crown and Covenant.

To stand in the setting of the conventicle in Drumclog, in Samuel Rutherford’s church in Anwoth, in John Knox’s pulpit in St. Andrews, and at the grave site of Margaret Wilson in Wigtown can be a life-changing experience. My Christian brothers and sisters spoke to me there. I have not forgotten their voices or the One for whom they spoke.

We have so great a cloud of witnesses who have gone before us. We run in the same strength and fix our eyes on the same Savior.  Come to Scotland and let them encourage you as well.”

– Linda Sawanowich, Virginia (Tour date: July 2012)