Soul provoking and very encouraging tour in Edinburgh

RPCS Congregational Tour 2011

Soul provoking and very encouraging tour in Edinburgh

After a brief visit to the Grassmarket, where Jimmy Fisher gave a talk at the site of the executions, we made our way to Greyfriars Kirk.

This I think was a highlight for many of us. To be on the site where thousands of Christians gathered, at a time of apostasy, to clearly proclaim what they believed and to show dedication to their Lord and Christ was extremely searching and encouraging.

The mind’s eye could picture a crowd and the National Covenant being read and signed. We were shown many of the graves, even of those who persecuted the Church.

We saw the courtyard where 1200 covenanters were imprisoned after the Battle of Bothwell Bridge; also the grave of Alexander Henderson, which is defaced by musket-shot on order of the king who saw him as a thorn in his flesh!

The day was a success, and very soul provoking. The LORD did great things in Scotland.

– Gary Gunn, Glasgow (Tour date: August 2011)