Travel Tips: Preparing to come on a Scottish Reformation Tour

Travel Tips: Preparing to come on a Scottish Reformation Tour

When preparing for such a trip, there are several things that the participant must do beforehand.

Apply for a passport

If you have never had one, itís time to apply! If you already have a passport, make sure your current passport will still be valid for the duration of this tour. If you need to apply or renew your passport, please visit your U.S. State Department website (or the passport site for your country) to download instructions and applications. Please make a photocopy of the inside page of your passport and carry it in a different location than your regular passport.

Prepare a budget

Most likely youíll want to use your own funds for little extras – souvenir shopping, side trips on days off, etc. So, it is wise for participants to prepare a budget for this trip. Credit cards and ATM debit cards are the most convenient ways to carry cash and give the best exchange rates, though there will be opportunities to exchange money.

Ensure you have sufficient health insurance

Please make sure your health insurance policy covers you while in Scotland. Anytime one travels overseas, it is wise to make sure to have up-to-date tetanus inoculations. You will be traversing through moors/pastures and occasionally down seldom trodden paths. At other times you will be walking a good amount through St. Andrews and Edinburgh.

Medications and health

If you need prescription medication, do bring a letter from your doctor describing the various medications, their dosages and their uses. This can be a help in emergencies and as you go through customs.

Create your entire itinerary

Although your tour will be set, anywhere else youíre visiting on your trip to the UK should be combined into a full trip itinerary. Once you have set your itinerary for the international travel, you will need to make copies available to the tour coordinators at least one month in advance. When reporting to the airport for your international departure, be sure to arrive at least 2 hours prior to departure.

Prepare for payments

Participants will be required to submit payments according to a schedule with an initial deposit, first payment, and final payment. These details will be given to you when you apply.

Notify us of any special needs

Special needs (food, housing, medical conditions, allergies) should be made available to the Tour Coordinators at the time of registration.