How much does a tour cost?

custom scottish reformation tour

How much does a tour cost?

We’re absolutely happy to price a tour for you, but it’s difficult to simply give you a ‘standard price’ because all of our tours are fully customisable.  That’s the beauty of using Scottish Reformation Tours – no two tours are alike.

There are a few things we need to know first so that we give you the right price:

      • How long would you like your tour to be? (How many days?)
      • How many people will be coming on your tour?
      • What time of year do you intend to come?
      • Are there any sites you particularly want to visit?
      • Do you prefer hotel, or hostel?
      • Do you have any mobility requirements?

Please rest assured that, first, our tours are priced as reasonably as we can make them. Our goal is to ensure that as many as want a tour are able to take one.
Secondly, we run regular ‘Open Tours’ which are priced at a flat fee, so you don’t have to spend time and energy crafting your own tour – simply join in the next tour with a group of other Christians.

Finally, remember that Scottish Reformation Tours is a non-profit ministry of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland. Any funds remaining after direct costs are paid are used to
facilitate church planting in Scotland.