Covenanting history

posted: September 18, 2017

500th Anniversary of the Reformation

This year marks the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther beginning the Reformation in Europe. Why not come to Scotland to see how the Reformation affected Scotland? We can take you to visit the locations where many were martyred for their faith and where great events happened that would not only change the church here but […]

posted: December 13, 2016

The Unknown Covenanter

This is the grave of an unknown Covenanter who was wounded at the battle of Rullion Green. The stone on the left is the later one, the one on the right is the original one. Making his way home to Ayrshire after the Battle, the nameless Martyr was suffering badly from his wounds when he […]

posted: November 15, 2016

Rullion Green, 350th Anniversary

This November is the 350th anniversary of the Pentland Rising and Battle of Rullion Green, the first resistance by the Covenanters. In 1666, Sir James Turner was sent with 140 soldiers to the south-west of Scotland to fine anyone who wouldn’t take the oath of allegiance to the king or speak against the covenants. This […]

posted: June 27, 2016

Scotland’s National Covenant!

Come and hear why the nation of Scotland drew up and signed the National Covenant. Learn all about it’s history and see for yourself the original ram skin parchment with over 4000 signatures signed in Greyfriars in Edinburgh in 1638 The National Covenant pledged those who swore it to defend the true religion against innovations, […]

posted: January 28, 2016

Rev Alexander Henderson

Come with us and hear about the life and work of one of Scotland’s greatest Covenanter Ministers, the  Rev Alexander Henderson. And visit the locations where he lived and laboured for Christ’s kingdom here in Scotland. Alexander Henderson was minister at Leuchars, near St Andrews, and then in St Giles in Edinburgh. He has been […]

posted: January 12, 2016

Drumclog Battlefield

When you come on a Reformation Tour to Scotland, you will visit places that barely change with time. Here is an old photo (mid-late 1800’s) next to a modern day one of the memorial on the battlefield at Drumclog . It was on this spot on the 1st June 1679 that the Covenanters had gathered […]

posted: September 14, 2015

The Rev James Renwick and the Killing Times!

One of the locations we visit on our tours is the memorial at the birthplace of the Rev James Renwick, which is located in the little village of Moniaive in Dumfries and Galloway. Here’s a little bit about him: James Renwick had been 18 years old when he saw Donald Cargill executed in 1681. By […]

RPCS Congregational Tour 2011
posted: June 10, 2015

Soul provoking and very encouraging tour in Edinburgh

After a brief visit to the Grassmarket, where Jimmy Fisher gave a talk at the site of the executions, we made our way to Greyfriars Kirk. This I think was a highlight for many of us. To be on the site where thousands of Christians gathered, at a time of apostasy, to clearly proclaim what […]